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The reality is today’s world is filled with plenty of data, with more data being compiled by the minute. Value today comes from connecting data points, seeing emerging trend lines, appreciating historical contexts, and having a network of industry contacts to help vet incremental changes to big picture trends. DWR provides a unique perspective, from having conducted consumer research to Wall Street analysis in digital media, providing both research and consultative help for start-ups to big enterprises.


Digital World Research is a boutique research shop focused forward—on emerging digital media business models and the varying generational consumer adoption rates. Appreciating the rate of change and consumer adoption trends means DWR provides a unique combination of research coverage areas, including VR / AR, Video Games, and TV/ Film/ Music.


Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) fields are growing not only in gaming and entertainment, but also in other verticals such as health care, education and communications.

We are in truly early days of this technology, business models, and consumer adoption. DWR is focused on the entire food chain of VR/AR, from hardware to developers to consumer adoption.


Video games are no longer just played by teenagers in household basements on consoles. Anyone who has played Minecraft or Flappy Bird, Bejeweled to Clash of Clans should consider themself a gamer.

The gamer definition is exponentially broader than just a decade ago, and DWR tracks the business model variations from console to mobile, from packaged goods to Free-to-Play, from online markets such as Steam or the Apple App Store.


Welcome to the Wild, Wild West where the explosion of delivery pipes has ignited a huge demand for not only original TV and film content, but also for aggregation of libraries from multiple decades and genres.

The music industry digital business model is the most developed—having suffered the earliest transitional pains thanks to peer-to-peer models nearly 20 years ago, and now offers compelling, reasonably priced music streaming services for millions.

DWR is keenly focused on not only the Digital Empire Building of media companies in need of either building or buying TV/FILM/Music services and content, and this landscape is changing weekly.


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